Daft Bat is nestled at the foot of The Lomond Hills
on The Falkland Estate, Fife.


We like to get creative with plants, herbs and flowers and make health and beauty products from natural, organic ingredients.

We are Yvonne Purves and Fergus Black. 

Beginning as a passion and hobby Yvonne has been learning about herbs and plants for a number of years through continuous self study, farming and connecting with plants. She volunteered at The New Farmers Project in Falkland...

before gaining more experience at Monimail Tower Project Fife where she helped plant, grow and harvest the crop for use by residents and the local community.

Yvonne is currently studying a diploma in Herbalism with The British School of Yoga and has participated in seasonal herbal courses with Anna Kinloss at Monimail . She volunteers at Meadowsweet Organics an organic farm in Falkland and is currently developing her garden to grow her own herbs and plants some of which she already uses in her recipes.

Aided and abetted by her partner Fergus,
who helps with all aspects of Daft Bat.

Having made products for family and friends for some time the concept of Daft Bat grew organically by demand. We have so much fun making our products, coming up with new quirky yet sumptuous healthy recipes and ideas that we feel its time to come out of hibernation and share them with others.

Beginning with our Lip Balms we will be releasing these products as they develop.......
everything worthwhile takes time and effort and we hope you agree that our products are worthwhile.
More importantly we hope you enjoy and reap the benefits of our all natural products........